Summer is a hot time to consider a cool color for you hair.  A change in hair color can alter your appearance and attitude.  But before going red or blonde, follow these tips & guides that can help you decide between semi, demi or permanent color.  

If you are seeking to add depth to your natural color, then a semi-permanent or otherwise known as rinse, is for you.  It requires no mixing and lasts for approximately 8 to 12 washes.  Semi-permanents are great for adding red tones to brown hair. 

For an intense, longer lasting color, select a demi-permanent.  It's ammonia free and lasts longer than a semi-permanent (rinse),  It causes less damage and is gentle to hair when compared to a permanent (dye) color.  Demi-permanents are a healthy alternative for covering gray and using immediately after relaxer or permanent wave service.   

Where you decide to go fire red or jet-black. a permanent is the best option when selecting a color that is shades lighter or darker than your natural color.  It is best to have permanent color applied by a professional stylist to minimize the breakage and damage to your hair.  

​After any type of color service, defeat dryness and damage by utilizing a conditioning treatment.

Proper Care for All Types of HairEveryone has vastly different hair types and textures, and the nature of your hair will affect how you care for it daily.  What hair type do you have? Dry Hair: Dry hair tends to be brittle; therefore, regular perming, coloring, or exposure to pool water can cause extreme damage.  If you have dry hair, it’s better to avoid heated rollers, hair dryers, and curling irons.  Use a leave-in conditioner before going for a swim and use a deep-conditioner at least once a week. Greasy Hair: It’s normal to have a small amount of grease in your hair or scalp.  However, excessive grease invites dirt and dust which can clog hair pores and make your tresses look lifeless.  If you have oily hair, use a shampoo designed for this hair type to maintain the balance of oils.  Wash your hair on alternate days and massage it gently while shampooing.  Fine Hair: Fine hair doesn’t necessarily mean that your hair has no life.  A short or blunt haircut is best for this type of hair since it gives it a fuller and thicker appearance.  Use conditioner on the ends only to avoid weighing down your fine hair and causing a flat appearance.    Curly Hair: Since curly hair does not reflect light evenly. It often lacks natural shine.  You can overcome this by using a wide-toothed comb to distribute shampoo evenly.  Also, wash your curly hair with moisturizing shampoos and conditioners to make it reflect light better.  After shampooing, rinse with cold water and then pat your hair dry with towel. Thick Hair: Thick hair needs special care to maintain its thickness and fullness.  Rinse hair thoroughly in order to reach hair roots.  Shampoo, conditioner, and dirt can lead to residue at the hair roots.  This residue can clog pores and lead to hair loss, dryness, and scalp irritation.  You can keep your hair long or short according to your preference and the amount of time you can devote towards hair care.   

Beauty & health Tips

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Wig Maintenance Tips
  • Use products designed specifically for synthetic hair or fibers. (Even the mildest human hair care products can damage and cause dryness)
  • Synthetic wigs need a complete washing only after 10 to 12 uses. (If you use hair sprays or gel, you may need to wash more often)
  • Be cautious of the fact that every wash lowers the duration of your synthetic wig.
  • Use combs and hairbrushes that are made for synthetic wigs.  Use combs with rubber top bristles. (This will prevent the splitting of the fibers and will prevent the wig from looking worn out)
  • Use lubricant type wig sprays to remove tangles.
  • When you need to wash your wig, soak it in cold shampoo water for 5 minutes.  This removes any hard dirt and only requires gentle rubbing to clean fibers. Rinse off shampoo with water that flows in the direction of your wig's hair fibers. 
  • Towel-dry your wig after washing and apply a light conditioner to ease brushing and restore lost shine.
  • Do not use a brush on your wig until it's fully dry.
  • Use soft sponge rollers for curling your synthetic wigs. Once they have been inserted in the wig, pass hot water through it and remove the rollers only after the wig is fully dry.  


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